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Expect Fortune 500 quality content - we have a 10+ year teaming agreement with a local design firm. We manage the copywriting in-house to keep costs reasonable for clients. 

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We can do it. 

We have copywriters, ​photographers, videographers, website creators, coders, and design wizards who create mesmerizing digital interactive and augmented reality content. We bill by the hour to avoid sticker shock. 

Copywriting + Digital Marketing

Peoples Capital Group - 1 month to webinar capacity. We provided marketing consulting, copywriting, website landing pages, design + user experience testing, advertising, email marketing, communication coaching, + technology integration. Website + Copywriting


Condition One Nutrition - second round of funding secured in 2021. We provided  primary qualitative market research, copywriting, landing page, business + marketing analytics, email marketing segmentation, product design photography concept, website user experience testing and editing, social media strategy, investor pitching, public relations pitching, team coaching, project management, and search engine optimization. Investor Pitch Deck + Website Samples 

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