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Digital Marketing Services

You have 7 seconds to bond with your audience and entice them to evaluate your offer. 

Ask for campaigns grounded in human value systems. 

You're never in the business of seeling X. You're always in the people business. 

The people-business at Kate Roa Marketing comes with soft-touch consulting for those that want to understand how digital marketing works. In addition, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every service. 

Service Offerings:

  • Pay-Per-Click Ads 

  • Facebook + Instagram Ads 

  • Email Marketing 

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Websites 

  • Content Creation + Testing 

  • Market Research Surveys


What to Expect


Kate will listen to your marketing insights on what is and isn't working and where you want to take your business. She will get back to you within two days to validate your insights and offer conservative service and budget recommendations. If you decide to proceed, a proposal will be sent along with a Non-Compete Agreement. Yes, you need Non-Compete Agreements when you work with anyone that has access to your company's data.      


Service Delivery: 

Kate will work directly with you to shape strategy and tactics. She will work directly with her trusted and specialized associates to create content, test content, and launch campaigns. She will report back to you with visual proof of success.  

Data Voices Marketing Digital Marketing Services in High Bridge NJ

Parrano Cheese

Four Days to Consumer Clarity

Data Voices Parrano cheese project

Parrano sales were down. A media consultant with FleishmanHillard hired Kate Roa to engage the press and secure interviews for Parrano's CEO.


We started the project with a competitor analysis to find consumer profiles and messaging strategies. We dug in deeper by data scrubbing competitor’s social media and websites platforms. Within a day, we ran an omnibus survey to see where the Parrano brand fit in the market and pitched the press. It took four days to get the CEO interviews.


We later discussed the risks of using secondary market research studies to engage consumers and the need to track public relations results on the client's website.


The PR firm went on to hold the Agency of Record by showing verified consumer engagement on the client's website and social media channels.

Chocodiem Gourmet Chocolates

Seven Months to a National Brand

Data Voices Chocodiem project

An exquisite product with local appeal didn't sell well in warmer seasons. Kate took an equity partner role to help position the brand.

We began the project by configuring the point-of-sales, website, email marketing, and social media platforms to collect and segment consumer data. Within ninety days, we showed the owner why taking a new line of credit would be wise. 


Resolving the cash flow freed up resources to accurately size up the market opportunity and profile high-value consumers. With primary market research insights infused into Public Relations, targeting freshly profiled consumers and media outlets paid off. 


Industry, national, and local media outlets requested interviews and vendor participation in high-profile events. Chocodiem became known as the top ten chocolatiers in North America.


With brand awareness advertising driving consumers to the old website, a new branded and SEO Wix site went up with an online store.  

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