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20+ Year Marketing Consultant: Grow Your Brand with Kate Roa

Kate offers a strategic blend of innovative marketing expertise and a proven track record spanning over 20 years. Her initial success story began in 1985 in Denville, NJ, where she transformed a simplistic concept into the multi-location Tapas Cafe.

In the corporate realm, Kate has crafted pivotal investor relations content for leading tech enterprises. Furthermore, she has designed and executed forward-thinking communication strategies for high-profile government projects across NJ and DC.

Transitioning her skillset to consulting roles, Kate became a driving force behind technology firms. She amplified their market footprint by tapping into media strategies and industry partnerships. Notably, her collaboration with Kantar Media alone contributed to a business growth of $2.5M, marking her instrumental role in reshaping brand trajectories.

For those in the food and beverage industry, Kate's acumen facilitated the securement of approximately $1.2M in funding, showcasing her adeptness across diverse sectors.

Based in High Bridge, NJ, Kate's academic portfolio is underscored by an MBA in Marketing and a BS in Management. With certifications in Culinary Arts and Government Contracts, her multifaceted expertise positions her as an invaluable asset for any brand seeking growth and recognition.

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