Grab a marketing hat! Kate is the ideal marketing + PR consultant for hands-on entrepreneurs + small biz. 

I knoooow you have amazing ideas. So do I. 

My success stories include robust consulting projects for advertising and public relations agencies under the top communications conglomerate, WPP in London. While working with WWP, I learned how to deliver consulting services to small business owners on tight budgets. The trick is to leverage digital marketing tools and find the low-hanging fruit for quick wins (leads).


90% of the time, small business owners are doing Great Marketing. The critical gaps happen with keyword + image selections and campaign configurations. I fix that stuff right away. 

Here's what you can expect. 

You can count on me to optimize your budget by evaluating current marketing content to see what is and is not driving engagement. Within two days, you'll have a clear picture of what, if any, copy + design needs editing. If you need new content, I'll provide a line item estimate and a priority list to keep your project within budget and timeline. I'll also provide all the content, even a website, if needed. 

Sometimes people want a marketing or public relations plan. Sometimes they don't. Most important are quick wins to recoup your investment within 10-20 business days. That's right, 10-20 days. I aim to recoup by looking for the low-hanging fruit first. You'd be surprised what an optimized Google Business Profile and accurate website footer can do. 

If you want to know more about me, my bio page goes into detail. Or, you can ding-ding my phone or email. 



Kate Roa Marketing Consulting Services