Market Research Services

Digital Marketing without Market Research is like being nearsighted without good glasses. 

Market Research gets to the heart of what people want.

Online Research has never been easier and more affordable.

Today's online survey platforms come with templates and fully vetted survey takers from every demographic. People who take the surveys are compensated by market research companies to avoid biased or untruthful responses. When we do large-scale projects that include digital marketing campaigns, we start with surveys to protect the operating margins. This approach is a best practice used by top Public Relations that manage top brands. 

Three ways to get consumer feedback. 

Online Surveys

If you need to quickly check assumptions before creating or launching a campaign; get honest feedback on a brand, product or competitor; get in the moment shopping insights product or competitor, or track your advertising or public relations campaigns throughout the year, online surveys will give you the consumer data to make better business decisions. We use question arts and game theory methods to keep survey participants engaged and honest. 

Online Focus Groups

If you're not ready to run a quantitative online survey, you'll need an online exploratory qualitative market research to set up the scientific study. An online focus group study has the flexibility to dig deeper into consumers' aspirational desires so you can make better creative and marketing decisions. We use platforms that handle game theory, videos, idea boards, shopping diaries, fantasy shopping, and real-time shopping. 

In-Depth Interviews

If you're looking for thought leadership or critical industry insights, In-Depth-Interviews are the way to go. Depending on your needs, results can take one to ten business days. Our interviews are conducted by industry professionals with dual skill sets in journalism and market research.

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