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Marketing Audit

Is your marketing agency, consultant, or freelancer delivering the results they agreed to provide?


Are they getting results that make financial sense, or could there be a better way? Get the objective answers you need with a marketing audit.

Get a comprehensive, easy-to-digest marketing performance audit. 

Baseline Summary Report - 

The baseline summary report is a six to twelve-month data analytics overview that informs business owners about the performance of their website, social media channels, email marketing, advertising, and marketing content. 


The report can also include financial Return on Investment and Ad Spend ratios for business operations planning and marketing channel and content optimization strategies. 


Top Five Recommendations Report - 


The recommendations report prioritizes the most likely to succeed marketing optimizations to generate sales. Summary insights get pulled from the baseline summary report and a quick competitor analysis of three similar businesses with similar target audiences and market offers. 


Integrations + Tagging Optimization - 


Marketing platforms and campaigns require proper technical integration and tagging to flow into Google Analytics. Marketing has a way of becoming destructively ego-driven without an objective, data-driven approach measured against gut instinct. The human need to be right or perfect often burns through the marketing budget and, in extreme cases, causes insolvency. 


Marketing Consulting Package - 


Two hours of marketing consulting goes a long way. As you review the baseline summary report and recommendations with Kate, your consulting hours remain untouched. Consulting time starts when you implement recommendations, request support in making a hiring decision, or request a gut check on a vendor's agreed-upon performance. 

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