Pick and eat your low-hanging fruit with answers to frequently asked really good marketing questions.  

What's so important about a Google Business Profile? 

An optimized and verified Google Business Profile sends free traffic to your website and makes your phone ring. You want to be sure your website footer matches all the information on your GB profile. Post weekly. Turn on Chat. Get Reviews.

What's so important about SEO on your website? 

A Search Engine Optimized website signals to Google that you're adding value to the online search experience. Every page on your website would answer a question quickly and concisely. The copywriting requires deep keyword research, so a business won't have to spend much money on paid advertising.

What's so important about Google Analytics? 

With Google Analytics installed on websites, business owners can see what marketing content and campaigns drive sales leads. Google segments the data into accessible visual formats so you can tweak marketing logically.

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